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I would like to introduce you to my second dad and mentor, Bennie Stander. Bennie Coached me from the age of sixteen until nineteen, before I left for America in August 2015. Since I returned Bennie has been my mentor guiding me through my own program. I will always turn to Bennie for running or coaching advice. He has always been one of my biggest running heroes and will always be! Read more about Trail Running Coaching with Bennie in this blog post.

In March, I decided to expand my personal training business Fired Fitness to Online Personal Training and Running Coaching. I decided to involve Bennie as my business partner. Bennie specializes in Trail Running and has his own trail running group that meets weekly in Stellenbosch.


Some people know and remember him as the legend track and field and road athlete, some know him as Coach Bennie, and some know him as the running shoe expert who always makes sure that you get the best pair of running shoes for your running style. One thing is for sure, Bennie Stander makes a lasting impression on everyone who comes across his road! Bennie started running at the age of three when his dad went for walks in the afternoon. But he raced his first 800m at the age of seven! For someone like Bennie, it's hard to ask about his running career highlights, because there is just so many! 

Apart from his own accomplishments, Bennie also helped a lot of other runners to the top! He coached close to 200 athletes in the past 20 plus years! He started helping people after his first coaching exam in 1976, and had 8 runners who represented South Africa at various occasions! Some of the top runners that he coached, includes the Namibian Triathlon Champion, JP Burger and the World age record holder (40-45) in modern heptathlon, Susan. He is currently coaching a couple of top trail runners and has his own running group. 


  • His first SA Cross Country Championship as an U/15 boy

  • Being the fastest U/15 800m athlete in SA.

  • Training with world record holder Danie Malan at the age of 13.

  • Running under the top 16 men in the WP senior Cross Country Champs at the age of 13!

  • His training run with Ivo van Damme as a junior.

  • His Western Province U/17 Cross Country title.

  • Winning SA Universities Cross Country team titles together with a strong Maties team.

  • Running a sub-4-minute mile.

  • Achieving Western Province colours in track, cross country and road.

  • Finishing second to Ewald Bonzet at four occasions (5000m, 10000, 16km and 21.1km) (A big privilege and something I will never forget!'')


  • 1000m: 2:27:3

  • 1500m: 3:48 (but ran a 3:38 as part of a mile race)

  • Mile: 3:55.87

  • 2000m: 5:17.1

  • 3000m: 8:17.0

  • 5000m: 14:10

  • 8km: 23:39

  • 10km: 29:23

  • 15km: 46:17

  • 16km: 49:31

  • 21.1km: 66:23

  • 32km: 1:52.7


  • Detailed monthly running program, including specific distances, workouts and when to take rest days.

  • Trail-specific workouts.

  • Guidance on how to prepare for a trail race, what to expect and take along. 

  • A program based on your needs and abilities, taking account of your past or present injuries and training history and goals.

  • Periodization Training helping you peak for your target races.

  • Personalized coaching and feedback.

  • Interactive online platform and training log through Training Tilt.

If you are interested in getting a trail running program from Bennie contact him directly for more information.


PHONE: +27-82-510-4140

Agent for B4Play Rolling, Brook Running Shoes and The North Face

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