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I offer personalized coaching services for runners. I focus on creating a program that fits the athlete's unique needs, takes their running history into consideration and is tailored to help them achieve their goals. I combine the knowledge I have gained from some of the best coaches in the world, like Erick Kimayo (coach to the current world record holder, Brigid Koskei of Keyna), Zola Budd (former South African middle-distance Olympian), Bennie Stander, Gerrie Coetzee, Johan Fourie, and other great mentors who have influenced my thinking, with the experience I gained while training at a high level as an elite athlete over the years. I have also gained formal education in Exercise Science in America, am a certified coach, have done kids coaching development courses, am certified as a Sports Nutritionist and have completed my Master in Personal training through the International Sports Science Association. 


My passion for nutrition has evolved so much while being an elite athlete. I realized how much better I am able to perform if I fuel properly to support my training. I am currently busy studying to become a Performance Sports Nutritionist through the IOPN (Institute Of Performance Nutrition). 


My mission is to help athletes reach their full potential and enjoy their sport. I want to give back to sport, since it is something that gave me so much, and bought so much meaning to my life! Coaching and Sport Nutrition is my way to help other athletes feel the same feeling of freedom that I experience every day when I get to exercise. As athletes we need to fuel out training to reach our full potential.


Athletes often neglect nutrition and miss out on a key component of their training neglecting their nutrition. Join today to learn how to train right and fuel optimally for the work required. ​​

  • An individualized monthly training running program.

  • Periodized training. according to your goals and target races. 

  • Guidance with race planning and structuring your yearly event calendar. 

  • Strength training and rehab exercises resources to complement the running program and help prevent injuries. 

  • A monthly coaching call to check-in or give feedback.

  • Frequent communication via email and final surge platform.


60-Minute Session

  • This is the layout for the first-time consultation:

  • One-on-one consultation via Zoom/WhatsApp calls or face-to-face-meeting (if in close proximity).

  • Goal setting: Setting reasonable and desirable nutritional strategies to help improve health and performance.

  • Education: Nutritional advice to help manage your nutrition, fuel you performance and improve your health.

  • Feedback via email. You will receive:

  • Relevant nutrition information as discussed in the consultation. 

  • Short summary with basic sport nutrition and fueling strategies to support your training. 

  • My personal feedback and recommendations as it relates to your specific dietary and training needs.

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My mission is to help other athletes to reach their full potential and enjoy their sport. I want to give back to the sport that gave me so much, and coaching and sport nutrition education is my way to help others feel the same feeling of freedom that I experience every day when I get to put on my shoes and go for a run! 
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