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The next chapter of my life...

Updated: Jan 1, 2023

I was recently asked an interesting question in an interview: “What will the next chapter of your life be called?” It sounds like a strange question, but I didn’t have to think twice about my answer. It’s clear. Printed in bold and pasted on my wall. I know what I want, because I have been dreaming about it for years.

Every single thing that I ever achieved in my life started with a simple dream. No matter how crazy it may seem to some...

I will continue to dare to dream. AND DREAM BIG!

Even if I never reach all my dreams, I already failed if I don’t try.

I have learnt before you can achieve it you have to be able to SEE and BELIEVE it first. If you don’t even believe you can achieve it, you won’t.

I always visualize myself breaking the ribbon at the race.

If I can I go run on the course and do zoning.

I paste my goals where I can see them everyday.

I talk to myself like a crazy person sometimes, when I run.

I set goals that scare me!

But, I know once you convinced your mind that you won’t fail, there is no turning back


Let’s DREAM together in 2019 - Let’s make it a year of breaking the odds, doing what we thought couldn’t be done, redefining and pushing our limits. Don’t let your fear of failure stop you from putting it out there. This your dream and it doesn’t matter what the rest of the world say or think. Do something every single day to get a step closer to it; in the end it all adds up! Working hard for something you really want also just makes the reward just so much greater in the end.

I invite you to follow me on my running journey, as I am working on the next chapter of my life...


- Annie

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