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Revolutionize your fitness with ElliptoGO

Updated: Apr 10, 2022

Over the next month, I will have the privilege to test out an ElliptiGO trainer to supplement and mix up my training a bit. I would love to spread the word about how beneficial the ElliptiGO can be to people struggling with chronic or acute injuries, as well as to those who want to reduce the impact associated with running, add more mileage or cross-training to their program in a safe way, or just want a new, fun way to stay fit and active.


Traditionally cross-training inside can be very boring, especially for runners who love being outside in nature. To me, the ElliptiGO is like an elliptical that got an upgrade and is able to go outside for a ride. It is also better than a bicycle since it doesn't involve sitting hunched over on an uncomfortable saddle for hours. The ElliptiGo uses a Stand-Up cycling movement that combines the best of running, cycling and the elliptical trainer to give you a fun and effective way to exercise outdoors. It is a low-impact exercise, thus, elliptical cycling allows you to build cardio fitness while being easy on your joints. This makes it a great option for anyone who wants to improve their fitness - young or old, health-conscious to elite.


  • LOW-IMPACT: The smooth motion provides a great workout that’s gentle on your knees, hips, ankles and back. It can be a great option for those struggling with joint pain, arthritis or osteoporosis.

  • FUN TO RIDE: It is a unique and fun way to exercise. The speed, handling and motion feel like “running on air,” giving you a carefree exercise experience at any age.

  • COMFORTABLE & NATURAL: The natural “stand up” riding position reduces stress on your neck and back while completely eliminating seat pain. It feels more natural and free than sitting down on a traditional bike.

  • INJURY-RECOVERY OR PREVENTION: The Elliptigo offers a great cross-training option for those recovering from injury or those trying to prevent future injuries by substituting some of their mileage pounding the pavement with a low-impact alternative.

  • VERSATILITY: Meant to ride freely outdoors on the same paths that you walk, jog, run or bike, but compatible with indoor stationary trainers (3C, 8C and 11R only), so you can train year-round no matter the weather.

  • HEART HEALTHY & TIME-EFFICIENT: You can burn 33% more calories than a traditional bicycle, providing a better workout in less time. It is truly an awesome cardio workout!

  • GREAT FULL-BODY WORKOUT: Your heart and lungs will not be the only thing working hard on the ElliptiGO. The stand-up position of elliptical bikes engages your core and upper body in addition to your legs, providing a full-body workout.

I am trying out the 8C ElliptiGO trainer and loving it so far. They have standup bikes and other options as well to choose from, visit to check out their full range of products.


  • 8-SPEED INTERNAL HUB: The 8 internal gears reduce maintenance and provide a large range of resistance, allowing you to conquer the steepest of hills and sprint at speeds of 25mph+.

  • TELESCOPING STEERING COLUMN: A simple quick-release lever makes it fast and easy to adjust the height for any rider or to transport the 8C in a vehicle.

  • ERGONOMIC BAR-ENDS: Adjustable bar-end extensions offer greater versatility in adjusting your riding position on the fly for climbing hills, sprinting flats or cruising descents.

  • CUSTOMIZABLE SETUP: Compatibility with a variety of traditional bike and ElliptiGO-specific accessories allows you to deck out your bike with the gear you need to tackle any situation on any ride.



Current, former and injured runners all use ElliptiGO stand up bikes to experience the joy of running, but without the negative effects of impact on their joints. Athletes of all ages and abilities use elliptical cycling to stay healthy, avoid injuries and improve endurance.

  • SAME WORKOUT, SAME RESULTS: A study at the University of California – San Diego EPARC centre found ElliptiGO bikes elicited a similar HR and metabolic (caloric) response, making it easy to translate running workouts using just time and intensity.

  • PATENTED RUNNING-LIKE MOTION: The stand-up riding position and patented motion of ElliptiGO bikes provide a running-like experience – giving you all the benefits of weight-bearing exercise without additional impact or stress on joints, bones and soft tissue. Proven research shows that you can use this machine as an effective way to supplement or replace some of your running mileage.


Both recreational and competitive cyclists benefit from the gentle joint angles and 33% higher caloric burn of ElliptiGO bikes, making them perfect for any rider looking for a more comfortable, time-efficient or effective workout than a traditional bike provides.

  • MORE COMFORTABLE RIDING POSITION: Riding an ElliptiGO bike is not like simply standing up and riding a traditional bike. The fully supported foot platforms of ElliptiGO bikes provide a stable, more comfortable ride. The upright riding position also improves visibility with a level, elevated line of sight.

  • BETTER CARDIO EFFICIENCY: The vertical, weight-bearing riding position helps to rev your cardiovascular system and build a more efficient blood-pumping “engine.”

  • IMPROVED MUSCLE ACTIVATION: The unique architecture of elliptical bikes develops the muscles of your legs, glutes and core more effectively – and in a more balanced manner than traditional bikes.

  • NO PAIN POINTS: The ergonomic, neutral position of riding an elliptical bike removes neck, back and seat pain that can stem from sitting hunched over on the saddle of a traditional bike.


Outdoor enthusiasts and fitness fanatics alike use stand up cycling to get all the benefits of an elliptical workout, but without being stuck indoors. Whether it is to improve health, lose weight or increase fitness, ElliptiGO bikes can get the job done.


  • ENJOY THE OUTDOORS: ElliptiGO bikes allow you to take the workout outside, where you can enjoy the same streets, routes and paths that you typically walk, jog, run or bike.

  • GREAT CORE WORKOUT: To maintain balance and adjust to ever-changing conditions (road, wind, other riders, etc.), riding an ElliptiGO bike constantly works your core in ways a stationary machine can’t.

  • MORE COMFORTABLE, NATURAL STRIDE: The patented motion and narrower stance of ElliptiGO bikes reduce stress on the feet, ankles and knees, while also more closely resembling traditional walking, jogging and running motion.

  • LONGER, MORE ADJUSTABLE RANGE OF MOTION: ElliptiGO bikes provide a variety of stride-length settings to match your comfort level and range of motion needs, while also providing a range of motion nearly a half-foot larger than the industry standard for indoor elliptical trainers.


Below is an example of a couple of top athletes who competed at the past Tokyo Games in 2021 who uses ElliptiGO trainers to supplement their training.


  • Bashir Abdi – Belgium – Marathon

  • Abdi Abdirahman – United States – Marathon

  • Andrea Deelstra – Netherlands – Marathon

  • Allyson Felix – United States – 400 Meters and 4 x 400m Relay

  • Mason Ferlic – United States – 3,000 Meter Steeplechase

  • Elliot Giles – Great Britain – 800 Meters

  • Genevieve Gregson – Australia – 3,000 Meter Steeplechase

  • Jill Holterman – Netherlands – Marathon

  • Dieter Kersten – Belgium – Marathon

  • Gesa Krause – Germany – 3,000 Meter Steeplechase

  • Susan Krumins – Netherlands – 10,000 Meters

  • Heather MacLean – United States – 1,500 Meters

  • Cory McGee – United States – 1,500 Meters

  • Koen Naert – Belgium – Marathon

  • Aisha Praught Leer – Jamaica – 5,000 Meters

  • Rachel Schneider – United States – 5,000 Meters

  • Dom Scott Efurd – South Africa – 10,000 Meters

  • Molly Seidel – United States – Marathon

  • Emily Sisson – United States – 10,000 Meters

  • Guusje Steenhuis – Netherlands – Judo

  • Aliphine Tuliamuk – United States – Marathon

  • Hanne Verbruggen – Belgium – Marathon


At the end of the month, I will make a follow-up post to reflect and share how I benefitted from using an ElliptiGO trainer. I will also explain how I used it to supplement my training program, as well as share some fun workouts I did.

CONTACT ME if you are interested in giving this product a go by simply sending me a DM or an email 📥


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