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LATASHA: "I want to take a picture of you before you take your vest off."

ME: "I don't want to take it off again!"

My racing-year started a bit rough with after I was forced to stop during the Bay to Bay 30K due to a horrible fall in December that flared up my old back injury. About 2 months later, and I am finally back on the road again. Tomorrow marks three weeks back running for me. I am pain-free and are feeling so much stronger after two months of doing the right rehab exercises. To learn more about strength training and rehab exercises for runners, please visit my Personal training website: Fired Fitness

Today, I wanted to see where I am after being injured for two months. I decided to run the Ravensmead 15K as a tempo in preparation for my important races coming up the next two months. This race has some special meaning to me, and in my blog post "Medals against the wall" I tell the story why it has special meaning to me...

In the last year I struggled a lot with my health and I wasn't able to train at great volumes neither was I able to race frequently. We didn't even plan my races ahead, we just went when I was healthy enough to run. In the midst of all the struggles this race came. Unexpected and unexplainable I won the race, running a new PB with almost 2-minutes, while clocking a National list leading time over 15K for Junior and Senior women in the country in a time of 54:48. It was also the tenth fastest time on the all-time list by any Junior girl in South Africa. The next morning the heading in the media read: "DYNAMITE COMES IN SMALL PACKAGES."

I ended my 2018 year on a high running a National list leading time in the 15K clocking a new personal best of 52:37. I didn't expect anything today, all I wanted to do is have a good solid workout and see where I am at after being out for so long. I was so thankful to walk away with the win, and a new South African list leading time for 2019.

Aside from my win, I was so happy and privileged to be back among fellow Nedbank runners and walk away with the team prize, with the cumulative lowest time for the first four athletes of a club to cross the line. It was so nice to be back at the club gazebo and be back on the racing scene, surrounded by other runners who shares my love for this sport

I didn't feel as strong as I wanted to and fell a bit off my target pace in sections where the wind was pushing hard from the front. I also had some terrible stomach issues this week leading up to the race and could feel my legs were a bit heavy. During my run today, there was stages where I wish to stop, it's tough mentally when you were gone for so long... Just to get your head strong enough again and get back in the game. We ran a circular out-and-back route and coming back the other runners and the crowd carried me through. I was so so nice to be back with the running community I care so much about.

Thankful for my sponsors Nedbank Running Club, Nike South Africa, Biogen South Africa, who helped to get me back on the road again. It was so great to have my family, boyfriend and coach, Bennie Stander supporting me there today.

I may not be where I was before my injury, but just that alone is enough to motivate me to work harder to get back where I use to be. In fact, I want to be better than the old me! I am so proud, happy and thankful to be able to wear my green vest again, and going to do everything in my ability to keep it that way!

Just do it, Just Run

- Annie

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