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"Look If you had One shot Or one opportunity To seize everything you ever wanted In one moment Would you capture it Or just let it slip?"

- Lose Yourself, Eminem

I remember when you walked into our running store, when you were only 14 years old and I asked you why you wanted to run. You answered: "I want to go to the Olympics!" - Bennie Stander, my coach.

I was only a little girl, but I knew what I wanted from the start. Growing up, running gave me purpose. It gave me reason to believe there is something bigger and better than just the pain I was experiencing while struggling with my illnesses. It made me feel like I was strong when I was weak and small.

Nine years later, physically and mentally I am a different girl, but inside I am still that same little girl that stepped into the running store...

I still want to go to the Olympics!

I decided that if I want to succeed I need to give my best shot. You only get one life and I know one day I will look back regretting not trying. I AM ALL IN! I decided to temporarily scale down my personal training career to run. I want to see how far I can go if I truly put in the training and the time I need to recover to make it to the top. I realized that I cannot be disappointed or dissatisfied with my racing or workout times if I spend up to 10 hours a day on my feet in the gym while training twice a day myself. I will only be seeing a few clients on the side of what my training and racing schedule allows. I am passionate about my job as a personal trainer and enjoy working with people a lot, but I know in my heart I am making the right choice.

I want to make my country proud and all those that believe in me and have helped me to come this far. I want to be able to look back without regret, knowing that I truly gave it everything I got.

I am doing this for that little girl, that saw the dream long before the rest of the world could.

Just do it, Just Run

- Annie

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