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  • Annie Bothma

"Look If you had One shot Or one opportunity To seize everything you ever wanted In one moment Would you capture it Or just let it slip?"

- Lose Yourself, Eminem

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I remember when you walked into our running store, when you were only 14 years old and I asked you why you wanted to run. You answered: "I want to go to the Olympics!" - Bennie Stander, my coach.

I was only a little girl, but I knew what I wanted from the start. Growing up, running gave me purpose. It gave me reason to believe there is something bigger and better than just the pain I was experiencing while struggling with my illnesses. It made me feel like I was strong when I was weak and small.

Nine years later, physically and mentally I am a different girl, but inside I am still that same little girl that stepped into the running store...

I still want to go to the Olympics!

I decided that if I want to succeed I need to give my best shot. You only get one life and I know one day I will look back regretting not trying. I AM ALL IN! I decided to temporarily scale down my personal training career to run. I want to see how far I can go if I truly put in the training and the time I need to recover to make it to the top. I realized that I cannot be disappointed or dissatisfied with my racing or workout times if I spend up to 10 hours a day on my feet in the gym while training twice a day myself. I will only be seeing a few clients on the side of what my training and racing schedule allows. I am passionate about my job as a personal trainer and enjoy working with people a lot, but I know in my heart I am making the right choice.

I want to make my country proud and all those that believe in me and have helped me to come this far. I want to be able to look back without regret, knowing that I truly gave it everything I got.

I am doing this for that little girl, that saw the dream long before the rest of the world could.

Just do it, Just Run

- Annie

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  • Annie Bothma

In hospital, after my car accident on 17 January 2018

The one of the biggest lessons I can take away from 2018 is: "YOU WILL LEARN MORE FROM BEING ROCK-BOTTOM, THAN YOU WILL EVER LEARN FROM BEING AT THE TOP."

Life is precious and can change in an instant...when I was in my second car accident at the beginning of this year - my whole life changed in an instant!


Financially - I just totaled my brand new car I saved up for years (I didn't have proper insurance yet either, only liability!) The financial burden dealing with all the debt, bills and having to buy a new car was too much.

Emotionally - Going through my second car accident in 3 years, alone in a foreign county, was very tough. I became very isolated and lonely.

Physically - Just recovered from my back injury and suddenly I was out again, unable to run due to concussion and whiplash.

Mentally - I had enough struggling and pain. I no longer wanted to live or run. I felt overwhelmed with feelings of guilt and resentment.


Somehow I came back.

Somehow I managed to get back up.

Somehow every setback this year made me more motivated and determined to come back stronger.

I think the setbacks just make me realize that I want it more - it made me hungrier than before and pushed me to work harder for what I want! It helped me appreciate running even more than before. You realize how much it really means to you - it is so much more than just a sport to me. It's my sanity, my escape, my freedom, and my way of being me! Running connects me to other runners and people that share my passion for this sport.

It's never been easy managing my illnesses while running, but running has always given me a reason to fight for something and keep on going, even during times when my health wasn't good or when I had setbacks like injuries due to accidents. I really believe that I became stronger both physically and mentally as a result of all my obstacles.

Everyone has their own obstacles and things they go through - try to use those SETBACKS AND STRUGGLES TO SET YOU UP FOR SUCCESS.

Please comment below, what did you learn in 2018?

- Annie

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  • Annie Bothma

Updated: Jan 1

I was recently asked an interesting question in an interview: “What will the next chapter of your life be called?” It sounds like a strange question, but I didn’t have to think twice about my answer. It’s clear. Printed in bold and pasted on my wall. I know what I want, because I have been dreaming about it for years.

Every single thing that I ever achieved in my life started with a simple dream. No matter how crazy it may seem to some...

I will continue to dare to dream. AND DREAM BIG!

Even if I never reach all my dreams, I already failed if I don’t try.

I have learnt before you can achieve it you have to be able to SEE and BELIEVE it first. If you don’t even believe you can achieve it, you won’t.

I always visualize myself breaking the ribbon at the race.

If I can I go run on the course and do zoning.

I paste my goals where I can see them everyday.

I talk to myself like a crazy person sometimes, when I run.

I set goals that scare me!

But, I know once you convinced your mind that you won’t fail, there is no turning back


Let’s DREAM together in 2019 - Let’s make it a year of breaking the odds, doing what we thought couldn’t be done, redefining and pushing our limits. Don’t let your fear of failure stop you from putting it out there. This your dream and it doesn’t matter what the rest of the world say or think. Do something every single day to get a step closer to it; in the end it all adds up! Working hard for something you really want also just makes the reward just so much greater in the end.

I invite you to follow me on my running journey, as I am working on the next chapter of my life...


- Annie

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